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Our Commitment

Adding value to your work and life

We know that we are not the only community, but we are one that really wants to add value to other by developing people who not only know how to code, but also build a legacy for others and themselves and educating companies to understand the roles and functions of engineers, programmers or computer specialists.

WCC Mission

What we want is to generate a community in which we can all learn, share knowledge, benefit from each other’s talent and become one of the most important supportive community of programmers and people who want to start learning to code.

What We Do

We unite talents in search for answers, learning, or desire to teach each other, and we also bring together companies interested in hiring them. We create community!

Member Benefits

Tutorials, videos, and other educational materials in which you will develop more skills in the field of programming.

Companies will contact you to promote your first steps, or follow up on your career for better opportunities.

If you have any questions, make sure to ask in our forum; there will be someone who can give you an answer.

Hackathon 2024

This year we dress up in our best WeCanCode Hackathon outfit, to participate in our virtual and free of charge event.

I Want to Participate

Our team

Meet the people behing this organization and how they can help you!

Karim Jernite

Board member

Josie Lopez

Board member

Jose Sanchez

Board member

David Pringle

Board member