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WeCanCode is committed to provide a space for our community to work in technology and innovation. Since 2014, we create events, workshops, networking opportunities and one of the biggest developer competitions in Baja California, Mexico: WeCanCode Hackathon.

We’re a non-profit organization that values equity, diversity, inclusion and a passion for technology those of us connected from our homes, offices or anywhere who wants to communicate virtually with more programming friends.

Upcoming Events

MLH Coding Challenge
2022 Oct 15th

MLH is coming to Ensenada! And, they will be throwing an exclusive event. MLH Coding Challenge 2022! It will be a great event to meet fellow tech lovers, get your feet wet, and show your skills. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet great coaches, eat great food and have an amazing time.

WCC Hackathon 2022
Nov 11th & 12th

Hackathon is a technology contest where engineering students compete by developing software and/or web projects. It is held yearly and it’s where students from all of Baja California come together to showcase their skills and win!

Hackathon 2022

WeCanCode invites you to join our community of developers, coders, programmers and engineers passionate about technology and the power it has to change the world.

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