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WCC is an organization empowering the current and next generation

We want to run the largest community of early-career developers worldwide through hackathons, forums and community activities to gain practical hands-on experience, build or optimize their professional career, and launch their careers.

Why be part of WCC?

We love chaos

That’s why we invest in our communities to learn and be active students and teachers of new and emerging technologies.

We believe in you

As developers, nothing we ever do is guaranteed to work. So, being ready for the element of surprise.

We thrive on challenges

We like challenges, and we like solving them with intelligence and passion for coding. There are no limits.

Who is our community?

43% Female

57% Male

70% Students

30% Professionals


Learned skills at our hackathons that
they didn’t learn in the classroom


 Young people between 17 and 28 years
looking for jobs oportunities

What else can we do for you?

For tech lovers

Find out what we can do for you if you are passionate about technology

For companies

There are developers and engineers very interested in knowing your company