Seeing startups tackle the health of our planet is giving me life

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We are back from Disrupt, which means we’re picking up the pieces of our work lives, getting back on track. Equity is now on its regular schedule, which is good. A big thanks to the entire podcast production crew for making last week happen.

Now! What did we get into this morning? The following:

Stocks rallied around the world, but fell in China. Chinese equities suffered under investor pessimism at the cementing of Xi Jinping’s authority over the country’s economy. Elsewhere, hope that central bank policies would not carry as much teeth in the future as we have seen in recent months sent stocks higher.
The finalists from the recent Startup Battlefield competition were all pretty freaking great, especially the focus that several had on making our home planet a bit cleaner, or better. Commercial solutions will be required for us to do any damn thing about the planet, so, here’s to the companies working on it.
Minerva Lithium wound up winning, which seemed legit given the sheer need we have as a people for lithium these days (it figures in battery production).
Other points of conversation: No Instacart IPO coming, Yat Siu is still bullish on crypto games and it is earnings season!

OK, chat soon!

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Seeing startups tackle the health of our planet is giving me life by Alex Wilhelm originally published on TechCrunch

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